Vegetable garden layout tips

Learn how to lay out a vegetable garden for your space and the plants you want to grow—from super-fresh lettuce to juicy tomatoes. In this video, we discuss the benefits different styles of garden beds. We’ll also demonstrate how to position your vegetables for a better harvest. How to Revive An Air Plant Site Selection […]

Tips to doing container gardening

Container-grown plants can be an addition to an already flourishing landscape or a garden all by themselves. By planting in nursery pots, buckets, whiskey barrels, grow bags, or whatever else you find around the house, you’ll be adding aesthetic interest and practicality to your yard and home. Container gardening is useful when: You want to […]

How to choose correct gardening hose for your garden?

Garden hoses may not be the most fascinating tools in your landscaping arsenal, but they are an absolute necessity for watering the lawn and garden. Choosing the best garden hose for your home will depend on your usage, climate and budget. Before you buy a new expandable hose or a shiny new brass garden hose […]

Guide to design a home garden

These include a healthy amount of outdoor exercise and a greater understanding of horticulture, and gardening is also a good method to improve mental health and fight stress. Fruit and vegetable gardens offer even more benefits, including increased access to foods that are fresher, healthier, and, in the case of organic gardening, exposed to fewer […]

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